625 Crystal Beach Ave., Crystal Beach, FL 34681

St. Joseph Sound Anglers Club April 5, 2021

Meetings every 3rd Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The purpose of the club is to share fishing experiences and promote camaraderie with all members.

  • To conserve saltwater fishes and their habitats and food.
  • To uphold the environmental regulations and cooperate with environmental agencies.
  • To encourage a high level of sportsmanship.
  • To promote the interest and challenge of competitive fishing.
  • To increase knowledge of fishing by sharing experiences among fellow anglers and guests with professional expertise.
  • Yearly dues are only $10.00 and they do NOT charge an initiation fee or joining fee.
  • Meet at 7:00 pm every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Crystal Beach Community Center in Crystal Beach
  • For more information please go to www.stjosephsoundanglersclub.org

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