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Lives Like Seeds September 11, 2019

Lives Like Seeds

Scientists tell us that the seeds of certain types of desert bushes must be damaged by a storm before they will germinate. Covered by hard shells that keep out water, these seeds can lie dormant on the sand for several seasons until conditions are right for growth. When heavy rains finally bring flash floods, the little seeds are banged against sand, gravel, and rocks as they rush down the slopes. Eventually they settle in a depression where the soil is damp several feet deep. Able to absorb water through the nicks and scratches they acquired on their downhill plunge, they finally begin to grow.

Spiritual Growth

Many times our lives are like those seeds. We need bad weather to stimulate our spiritual development. Sometimes things happen in our lives to make an impact for further growth. Maybe an emergency hospital stay disrupts our lives. There can be difficulties in health or loss of a job which places a strain on our lives and we are banged against the rock of adversity. Such difficulties hurt for a while, but over time can begin to yield our spiritual growth and flourish our faith. We need to live our lives like seeds!

So many times it is more comfortable to remain seeds, when God desires for us to grow spiritually. Let’s yield to God’s leading and grow through the difficulties and adversities.

Something to ponder,
Pastor Melody

Picture: Mike C. – Largo, FL

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