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Because International Youth Mission December 8, 2019

Because International Youth Mission

Our November 2019 Youth Mission was Because International and a contribution to our own church maintenance fund. A couple times a year Crystal Beach Community Church youth encourage the congregation to give to their “sharing and caring” jar. This is a large jar that used to hold giant dill pickles! During their Children’s Time with Pastor the youth use the offering plates to collect spare change from the members in the pews and the choir.

They are delighted to bring the money back and hear it clink into the jar. At the end of the month, with the jar full, the kids collectively decide to what mission they want it to go. This year the youth collected $800! The decided to split the funds between Because International and our very own church! Big checks were presented to Crystal Beach Community Church President Paul Steffens and Treasurer Pat Brunson.

Because International

Because International is company that provides adjustable shoes for children in impoverished countries. It the “Shoe that Grows”! The shoes come in 5 sizes and each shoes adjusts to grow with the child up to 5 sizes. They help kids stay healthy and attend school. The Crystal Beach Community Church youth picked Because International out of a slate of other candidate missions. Each pair of shoes cost $20 so our church was able to positively impact 20 kids abroad! Praise the Lord!

We are thankful for all of those who gave and continue to help teach our children to be more like Jesus.

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