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Hanging of the Advent Greens November 30, 2019

Advent Greens Crystal Beach Church

Advent season is a time of anticipation and hope. Crystal Beach Community Church transforms our sanctuary each year with the hanging of the advent greens to celebrate and “bring the light”. It all starts with a thorough cleaning day to prepare. Then we unpack all of the lights and decorations.

Care is taken to place ribbons and floral arrangements at the end of each pew. Lighted wreathes are hung in every stained glass window. Of course, the centerpiece is our beautiful angel tree placed at the back of the altar in front our our historic Bethlehem mural. The altar is moved down in front and a gorgeous porcelain nativity is placed beneath it. Finally, all of the fresh poinsettias ordered by the congregation in memoriam are lined atop the choir partitions. The results are stunning and many wish the decorations could stay year-round. The hanging of the advent greens is an annual tradition to welcome Him with glory, honor and praise!

It was also a special day as we celebrated church member and treasurer Pat Brunson’s birthday!

We appreciate everyone who chipped in to organize and decorate this year!

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